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Our background

Masters of Gloves originated in 2017 from the awareness that for many professional users facing serious threats on a daily basis (physical attacks with cuts and punctures, fires, disasters, accidents, etc.), there were insufficient or inadequate hand protection solutions. With years of experience in the (industrial) PPE sector, we understood perfectly how urgent and vital this issue was.

Even though strong brands offering such products have existed for decades, it is striking that many users are still unaware of their existence or are not satisfied with their user comfort. One striking example is needle puncture protection that ultimately led to the development and distribution of the Guide CPN gloves. In addition, several other protective gloves were launched, including the combat gloves for the NATO.

After new requests kept arising, asking for very specific (tactical) performances, the brand MoG was established with one very clear baseline :
we create for all those who protect us.


Because we care

Our mission is to create gloves for those who protect civilians in everyday or severe and even life-threatening circumstances. We develop customized gloves for armed forces, law enforcement, security, fire brigades and rescue teams, … for professional users who consider quality, personal safety and wearing comfort extremely important.

Because we develop dedicated

First, we listen. Our developments are based on the stories from the field where the gloves are used day in and day out. So each MoG project is built from scratch, addressing the critical needs of the end user. Through the processes of design thinking and co-creation, products are created in constant interaction with end users.

Our gloves take shape organically and are thoroughly evaluated based on extensive field testing, physical characteristics and performance levels. In some cases, the entire process of development, testing and fine-tuning takes several months or even more than a year. This distinguishes our committed way of working and interacting.

Because we interact long-term

In these challenging times, we do like long-term partnerships with mutual respect for each other’s experiences, interests and needs. So that we can provide sustainable solutions. This applies to the retail market as well as to the project market (tenders, customized developments), which form the 2 pillars on which our approach is based.

In order to live up to these claims, we must rely on high-performance and innovative technologies. That is why we invite you to further explore the technologies behind the relevant developments and inform about the possibilities and solutions that we have to offer.

MoG research & development
for retail and projects/tenders

Retail business

The current range that makes up our retail program is 100% based on very particular questions from the field. Since we develop and produce in co-creation with our end-users, we are dedicated in addressing the real gaps in supply and bringing targeted solutions. MoG is, as you might call it, a Work In Progress, adding gradually new developments for both standard and niche oriented applications. This approach gives sufficient freedom to allow for adjustments during the design process so that the best result can be rigorously pursued.

Projects and tenders

For customised developments, such as projects and tenders, the necessary research is also carried out: mapping out the specifications and expectations, looking for suitable materials or technologies, having tests carried out in laboratories and coordinating the prototyping. If time allows, since particularly tenders have to be submitted within a certain deadline, prototypes are made to test and improve performance. Through our network of trusted manufacturers we source a suitable solution for the required glove design. Additionally, we guide both production and quality control processes, and we take care of all required testing and certification performed by accredited laboratories.